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welcome to the frequently asked questions

  • How much are the monthly dues? Currently, the monthly dues rate is $20.00, which is billed out quarterly.

  • Can I pay online? Yes. Please see the, "PAY MY ACCOUNT" tab. 

  • Where do I send my payment to if I mail it? You will send your payment to: Lakewood Homeowners Association, 6790 Maplewood, Gilmer, Texas 7564​5

  • Can I set my payments on auto draft? Yes. Please visit the "DOCUMENTS" tab and complete the Bank Draft form or you can complete the Credit / Debit Card draft form.  

  • Can I pay all of my dues for the year at the beginning of the year?  Absolutely!! 

  • What is the entrance fee for new homeowners? The entrance fee is $750.00.  New homeowners are also required to pay three (3) months dues up front, $60.00.  This is usually taken care of at closing and the total sent to Lakewood Homeowners Association from the Title company is $810.00.  You will begin paying normal dues on your own after the first three (3) months has passed.

  • What if I purchased property through a tax lien? You are still responsible for the $750.00 entrance fee and the first three (3) months dues. You will continue to pay quarterly dues as long as you own the property.  All new home/property owners are REQUIRED to pay an entrance fee, no matter how you obtained the property.  (except inherited properties)

  • What does the entrance fee cover? These funds are put into a savings account and are used, along with the monthly dues, to provide funding for community events, the community pool (and maintenance), lake maintenance, lake surveys, park maintenance, repairs, improvements, unforeseen expenses, insurance, office staff salary, taxes, etc. Due to a lawsuit in 2014, the accounts were depleted by legal fees. The Association had to come up with a way to build these accounts back up.  Adding an entrance fee to new homeowners was the only solution.  But we can promise you, it's worth it.  

  • What does my monthly dues fee cover? See, "What does the entrance fee cover?"

  • Will the monthly dues ever increase and how much will they increase to?  Dependent upon additions and improvements, yes, in time. The increase will be minimal and will never be an unreasonable amount.  

  • What happens if I don't pay my HOA dues? Unfortunately, if you do not pay your HOA dues, we will be forced to place a lien on your property until the dues are paid current. We fully understand that unforeseen financial circumstances can happen.  If you ever fall under a hardship, please, let the office know so that we can work with you. The Association does not like having to place a lien against anyone.   

  • Can I view my statement and invoices online? As of right now, we do not have that option but we are working on it.  

  • Are there Members Meetings? Yes. We host a Quarterly Members Meeting on the second Saturday of the second month in each quarter at 2pm. These meetings are held at the Clubhouse and include light refreshments. (The quarters are: 1st Quarter is January, February, March. 2nd Quarter is April, May, June. 3rd Quarter is July, August, September. 4th Quarter is October, November, December)

  • If I purchase a lot, can I put a mobile home on the property? No.  We do not allow mobile homes or modular homes.  The homes must be site built within six (6) months of start.  All home plans must be approved by the Board of Directors and a minimum of 1,500 square feet.

  • Can I put an RV on my site until my home is built? No. RV's cannot be lived in on any property in Lakewood Homeowners Association. 

  • Can I put a fence on my property? Yes. But you must have it approved by the Board of Directors prior to installation. 

  • Can I shoot fireworks? Yes.  But we ask that you please use common sense and only shoot them on holidays.  Do not shoot fireworks if there is a burn ban.  We would prefer that you shoot fireworks over the lakes.  There are two parks: one is at the Clubhouse on the North Lake and the other is at the corner of Lakewood and Parkwood (West Lake). You are welcome the use the West Lake dam. Please keep in mind that we do have homeowners that have pets who will get severe anxiety at the sound of fireworks or large explosions.  We also have Veterans with PTSD; let's be considerate of those folks.  We ask that you please not use Tannerite or cannons.  These have caused damage to homes in the past.

  • Do you have a Facebook page? Yes, we do.  It is under Lakewood HOA Now - we are always posting updates on Facebook.  It's the best way to keep up with current events. 

  • Can I volunteer on community projects? Yes.  We are in the process of several major face lifts and need all of the help that we can get.  We will usually post any upcoming events on Facebook. We will start using the events calendar to post upcoming volunteer projects as well.  If you are interested in helping, please reach out to us and we'll get a plan together.

  • Do you have community events throughout the year? Yes.  We have several events throughout the year.  Memorial Day Weekend will be the grand opening of our community pool this year. We have at least two (2) Community Yard Sales each year, a 4th of July party, a Halloween Trunk or Treat, and a Christmas party.  

  • Can I rent the clubhouse? Yes.  The Clubhouse is first come, first serve. Please see the "CLUBHOUSE" tab for more information. 

  • What kind of fish are in the lakes? Please see the "FISHING" tab under the CLUBHOUSE tab for information.

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